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Featuring the singles :
04 Chrome Single.jpg
02 Bend or Break Single.jpg
Bend or Break
03 Undress to Kill Single.jpg
Undress to Kill
01 In Troubled Times Single.jpg
In Troubled Times
05 The Ropes (Single Version).jpeg
The Ropes
06 In Troubled Times (Twelve Inches of Trouble Version).jpeg
In Troubled Times
(12 inches of Trouble Mix)
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«If we’d started in the XXIst Century, we’d probably sound very much like TRANK.»
(Deep Purple, 2018 – after choosing TRANK as their opening act)

​«Watch out, huge sound and big emotions galore on this first album ! An excellent record on the edge of heavy metal,
with perfect vocals and a groove to die for…»
(Rock Hard - ALBUM OF THE MONTH DEC 2021)

«An unbelievably strong release... A truly cross-genre album» (PowerPlay UK, 8/10 FEB 2022)

«An album of extremely high standards throughout, which dispenses emotions of indisputable depth with a rare, measured elegance. A real concentrate of intensity and inspiration.» (Rock Hard Italy - INDEPENDENT ALBUM OF THE MONTH FEB 2022)

«Devastating, raging, post-punk-flavored alternative rock, that sounds both authentic and ambitious…» (Metal Obs)

«Their unique blend of pop / rock / metal / electronica has that rare ability to transport the listener to rare & fascinating territories… A genuine identity, a great sense of songwriting, of killing riffs and obsessive grooves.» (Batteur Magazine)

«Impressive firepower… Enough to bring stadium audiences to their feet.» (L’Alsace)


TRANK are a French / Swiss independent rock band – whose first singles, released between 2016 and 2019, have earned them massively successful opening gigs with rock legends Deep Purple, Anthrax, Papa Roach and Disturbed. TRANK's just-released first album, "The Ropes", an instant smash with the indie / underground rock press, captures their unique,  furiously catchy blend of alternative rock with metal riffing and electronic post-punk - intense yet accessible songs, as introspective yet powerful, intimate yet stadium-sized. On this site you will find everything about the band - enjoy and share, and thank you for visiting !


Stream or download "THE ROPES - MONOLITH EDITION" from your favorite digital platforms by clicking here >

The Ropes Monolith Edition Front HD.jpg

Stream or download "THE ROPES - MONOLITH EDITION" in high resolution from audiophile store Qobuz by clicking here >

The Ropes Monolith Edition Front HD.jpg

Or go to the "SHOP" page of this site
to order your luxury 2-CD Digipak !


So we love to do things backwards : we cut our teeth touring Eastern Europe as the opening for major acts in 2018 / 2019 - and now, after an extended post-COVID break, we finally play the area we live in : check out the flurry of dates. 
The Geneva area, both on the French and Swiss side, is packed with fantastic small-but-attractive venues and cool festivals, with great audiences badly in need of rock energy. And it seems all of a sudden they've realized we're in the vicinity ;). Here's the list of dates and places where we've either just played (sorry...) or will be playing (a-HA !) :

19/11/2022 : Eternal Metal Festival - Barakason - Geneva (CH). What a blast !

11/02/2023 : Habère-Poche Music Festival - (France). What a MEGA blast !

03/03/2023 : Guitare en Scène selections - Le Brin de Zinc - Chambéry (France)

17/03/2023 : Hellfest Warm Up, L’Atelier - Cluses (France)

05/05/2023 : M&O Music label showcase - Rock ’n Eat - Lyon (France)

13/05/2023 : I Cinque Del Bikers Festival - Geneva (CH)

02/09/2023 : Rock in Town Festival - St Gallen (CH) - as headliners !

The first couple of dates have been an absolute blast, although they were also happy-sad because our new bassman, Cristobal, has been forced to give up on joining the band due to life circumstances which, as they do, did get in the way. We wish Cristo the best, and our David has now picked up the bass again - but in the meantime, he's also worked out a way of sharing guitar duties with Julien for studio recordings, and worked with Michel to create a system that lets him double up his bass with a "virtual" rhythm guitar when playing live, to fatten the sound during Julien's solos - Royal Blood style. So we're firing on all FOUR cylinders, and in between dates, finding time to record the follow-up to our first album...


Last but not least, we're finally taking the time with band co-producer and engineer Yvan Barone to mix the results of our Live-in-the-studio lockdown session from last year. Performed in the conditions of a concert in the recording room of Geneva's Studio des Forces Motrices (a frequent base for industrial pioneers Young Gods & Treponem Pal), the set was typical of our live performances - down to the inclusion of live favorite "Call Me / Personal Jesus" cover mashup.
Enjoy,stay tuned for more, and thank you for your support !

(Video credit : Alban Verneret)

MAR 20, 2022

We should probably start by apologizing for not even taking the time to wish every one of you a happy new year : blame it on the flood of good news and the hard work that we've been up to (still : happy belated new year !).

While we're dealing with the frustration of not playing live for so long by working VERY hard on the second album (more to come on both the playing live and the new songs...), we've received extremely cool news to lift our spirits, and hopefully yours : the recent reissue of our one-year-old first album, "THE ROPES - MONOLITH EDITION," has been given the accolade by the INTERNATIONAL ROCK PRESS !

In the UK, PowerPlay Magazine have given us a month-best 8/10 rating, praising "an incredibly strong release" and "a truly cross-genre album." At the same time, Rock Hard Italy have made us Independent Album of the Month, with a month-best 8.5/10 rating and boundlessly enthusiastic words for "an album of extremely high standards throughout, which dispenses emotions of indisputable depth with a rare, measured elegance. A real concentrate of intensity and inspiration." 
Last but not least, at home in France, "THE ROPES - MONOLITH EDITION" got voted best album of 2021 by the readers of major online mag "RockMeeting" - pipping Iron Maiden's "Senjutsu" at the post. Needless to say we're unbelievably proud of all of this, and it's gotten us fired up for our soon-to-be confirmed return to the stage... Stay tuned, and thank you for the support !

DEC 08, 2021

This week is big news week in TRANK camp. First off, "THE ROPES - MONOLITH EDITION" has been named "Album of the month" and given a glowing review, along with a 2-page interview, in France's top selling rock mag, "ROCK HARD." Having grown on a steady diet of music press and learnt everything from it in the days before everything was available on line, the band are deeply moved and honoured so see their work celebrated by such a great title.

As if in celebration, the band also release the new video for the album's opening track, "Shining." Directed, as ever, by Alban Verneret,  the film alludes to the idea behind the song : "Shining" talks about how so many of us so often feel compelled to create a falsely perfect image of their lives for others to watch and enjoy. "It's true on social networks of course, but also in so many life situations like job interviews. And the people you lie to - they know you're lying, but they're addicted to the lie and it becomes a sort of dance of mutual dependency." We hope you enjoy the song and video as much as we enjoyed making it - don't hesitate to send as many friends to it on YouTube as you can... Thank you for your support, and see you soon ! 


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