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Out now on CD & download

Bend or Break
Undress to Kill
In Troubled Times
The Ropes

Includes the singles :

«If we’d started in the XXIst Century, we’d probably sound very much like TRANK.»
(Deep Purple, 2018 – after choosing TRANK as their opening act)

​«Watch out, huge sound and big emotions galore on this first album ! An excellent record on the edge of heavy metal,
with perfect vocals and a groove to die for…»
(Rock Hard)

«Devastating, raging, post-punk-flavored alternative rock, that sounds both authentic and ambitious…» (Metal Obs)

«Their unique blend of pop / rock / metal / electronica has that rare ability to transport the listener to rare & fascinating territories… A genuine identity, a great sense of songwriting, of killing riffs and obsessive grooves.» (Batteur Magazine)

«Impressive firepower… Enough to bring stadium audiences to their feet.» (L’Alsace)

«What a kick !... This is the future of French rock – and they are cut for worldwide success.» (Metal Eyes)

«A very good surprise «made in chez nous» - TRANK’s first album is both rich and classy.» (Among the Living)


TRANK are a French independent rock band – whose first singles, released between 2016 and 2019, have earned them massively successful opening gigs with rock legends Deep Purple, Anthrax, Papa Roach and Disturbed. TRANK's just-released first album, "The Ropes", an instant smash with the indie / underground rock press, captures their unique,  furiously catchy blend of alternative rock with metal riffing and electronic post-punk - intense yet accessible songs, as introspective yet powerful, intimate yet stadium-sized. On this site you will find everything about the band - enjoy and share, and thank you for visiting !


It's been a long radio silence, but we promise it'll be worth it when you find out all the stuff we've been working on for you : upcoming captures of live performances, interviews, a host of new remixes... And the long awaited T-shirts are finally HERE and available on the "Shop" page !

The gigantic pile of raving reviews about our first album, "THE ROPES," hasn't made us lazy or anything : we were silent because we've been working hard to give you the best possible substitutes to an actual live gig... (We've also been working on the first songs for a second album, but should we get into that now ? Naaah.) And so here they come.


In the coming weeks we will give you a taste of the TRANK LIVE experience, by recording two-"live-in-the-studio" performances, one of which complete with band interview - and we will be posting the results here and on our YouTube and Facebook / Instagram accounts in April and May. One will be a full set of about 10 songs, which will be performed in the conditions of a live gig in the legendary "Studio des Forces Motrices", in Geneva, Switzerland - a mythical recording space where bands like Young Gods or Treponem Pal have made some of their most influential albums, and where we had the pleasure of recording parts of our first album. The other will be with our friends of GVA Pro Studios, also in Geneva, a 3 to 4-song set bookended by a band interview - stay tuned for more details !

In the meantime, and as promised, you can now ORDER your very own TRANK fan T-shirts - available in limited quantities so go get yours now ! Created by our visual director Alban Verneret and inspired by the lyrics and videos of the band, they are quality items that will help you wear your love for TRANK proudly. Stocks are limited so get them while you can - and we will be back shortly to tell you more about a fantastic bunch of stunning remixes that will expand the sound of TRANK in all sorts of surprising directions. See you soon and keep sharing the music !

NOV 12, 2020

Well - the virus stops us from defending our first album "The Ropes" on stage, but others are defending it for us - French alternative rock writers and journalists are literally flooding us with outstanding reviews.

We will very soon be posting some of those on the site, so you can get an idea of the sort of enthusiastic, passionate response the album is generating among French critics and rock lovers (you can find most of them on our Facebook page in the meantime, as well as the many interviews that surrounded  the album release)... And maybe help us get the same sort of thing going in YOUR country ? In the meantime, we are overwhelmed with the love we're getting - and very pleased to see that in the views of title track video "The Ropes", which has just passed 100,000 plays on YouTube.

Also, you will very soon be able to wear your love for TRANK on your sleeve : in the next couple of weeks, we will be opening a new version of our online shop, which will also feature a very nice looking range of quality T-shirts.

Thank you for your continued support - we are DYING to play again for you on stage, we truly hope that the release party of the album - now moved to May 15th, 2021 - will NOT be pushed back another time, but in the meantime, rest assured that every word and gesture of support from you means a lot to us. See you very soon - dressed up in TRANK gear and ready to rock !

SEP 15, 2020

It's finally here. The first album by TRANK, "The Ropes", is available today from most download and streaming platforms, or as a limited edition digipak CD (signed or standard) from this site - and the title track video is out on YouTube. TRANK's first full-length album, “The Ropes”, is fuelled by the energy and experience gained on arena stages opening for major acts like Deep Purple, Papa Roach, Anthrax and Disturbed, as well as hours of painstaking studio work spent honing their epically intimate sound. Exploring the lyrical theme of relationships and the multiple ties that bind us, "The Ropes" sums up the signature TRANK sound - an intensely catchy blend of alternative riffs and post punk atmosphere, in equal parts dark and fiery. The band are already being flooded with fantastic reviews, which will be posted here.


Get the album from iTunes HERE - it's also available on most other digital platforms, and you can even get your limited edition digipak CD, standard or signed by all four members of the band, from the "Shop" page of the site.


The striking video for title track "The Ropes" is also out today, and visible on YouTube here, or on the"Videos" page of the site. Created by band friend and visual director Alban Verneret, the film showcases the incredible talent of three shibari artists, whose bondage ritual tells the story of the "ties that bind us, knowingly or not" - and is at the center, not only of the video, but also of the album design. .


Keep an eye on the band's Facebook page for more news and reviews around the album : we couldn't have done it without you, and we can't wait to hear what you think of it - or to play it live for you. Thank you for your support and see you soon !

TRANK The Ropes Album Artwork 3000 x 300
AUG 15, 2020

Next up in the series of single releases preceding their first album, "The Ropes", due September 2020, TRANK are revealing "Bend or Break (2020 Album Version)."

A hugely successful live number which blends a powerful, intense alternative metal feel with singalong choruses, "Bend or Break (2020)" asks the question of "who dominates who" in relationships of power, and despite its obviously sexual overtones, also speaks to the resilience of each of us in the face of pressure from the outside - a theme that resonated very strongly with Eastern European audiences, with whom the song went down a storm. Like its predecessor "Undress to Kill (2020)," the song was first released in 2018, as part of a trio of singles which had gotten the band the attention of rock giants Deep Purple, Anthrax, Papa Roach and Disturbed : after triumphant opening sets for all of the above in arenas across Eastern Europe, the band decided to re-record those songs for inclusion on their first album, with new performances, recording and mix - a sonic upgrade which reflects the quantum leap in the power and drive of their act, honed upon those gigantic stages. The accompanying video was shot by their friend and visual director Alban Verneret, who also designed the upcoming album visuals - and it features the beauty and burlesque talents of band friend "Mamzelle Viviane." The song is available on YouTube, all the usual digital platforms (be sure to look for the "2020 Album version") - and on this page for download. Enjoy, like and share - and stay tuned for the next single plus full album release on September 15th !