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Featuring the singles :
04 Chrome Single.jpg
02 Bend or Break Single.jpg
Bend or Break
03 Undress to Kill Single.jpg
Undress to Kill
01 In Troubled Times Single.jpg
In Troubled Times
05 The Ropes (Single Version).jpeg
The Ropes
06 In Troubled Times (Twelve Inches of Trouble Version).jpeg
In Troubled Times
(12 inches of Trouble Mix)
Shining Single Sleeve.jpeg
08 Call Me _ Personal Jesus Single Sleeve.jpg
Call Me/Personal Jesus
(Live Studio Session)
09 Illustrated Girl (Live Studio Session).jpg
Illustrated Girl
(Live Studio Session)
10 Take Me Out.jpeg
Take Me Out

«If we’d started in the XXIst Century, we’d probably sound very much like TRANK.»
(Deep Purple, 2018 – after choosing TRANK as their opening act)

​«Watch out, huge sound and big emotions galore on this first album ! An excellent record on the edge of heavy metal,
with perfect vocals and a groove to die for…»
(Rock Hard - ALBUM OF THE MONTH DEC 2021)

«An unbelievably strong release... A truly cross-genre album» (PowerPlay UK, 8/10 FEB 2022)

«An album of extremely high standards throughout, which dispenses emotions of indisputable depth with a rare, measured elegance. A real concentrate of intensity and inspiration.» (Rock Hard Italy - INDEPENDENT ALBUM OF THE MONTH FEB 2022)

«Devastating, raging, post-punk-flavored alternative rock, that sounds both authentic and ambitious…» (Metal Obs)

«Their unique blend of pop / rock / metal / electronica has that rare ability to transport the listener to rare & fascinating territories… A genuine identity, a great sense of songwriting, of killing riffs and obsessive grooves.» (Batteur Magazine)

«Impressive firepower… Enough to bring stadium audiences to their feet.» (L’Alsace)


TRANK are a French / Swiss independent heavy alt-rock band – whose first singles earned them massively successful opening gigs with rock legends Deep Purple, Anthrax, Papa Roach and Disturbed. TRANK's first album, "The Ropes", an instant smash with the indie / underground rock press, captured their unique,  furiously catchy blend of alternative rock with hard rock riffing and electronic post-punk - intense yet accessible songs, introspective yet powerful, intimate yet stadium-sized. While the band are working on their second album, you will find everything about them here - enjoy, feel free to share, and thank you for visiting !


Stream or download "THE ROPES - MONOLITH EDITION" from your favorite digital platforms by clicking here >

The Ropes Monolith Edition Front HD.jpg

Stream or download "THE ROPES - MONOLITH EDITION" in high resolution from audiophile store Qobuz by clicking here >

The Ropes Monolith Edition Front HD.jpg

Or go to the "SHOP" page of this site
to order your luxury 2-CD Digipak !


A picture is worth a thousand worth : checkout the vibe at the end of the very first set ever performed by TRANK mk3, on July 6 at R4 Festival in Revelles, France. We could NOT have dreamed a better audience or reception. Thank you to all involved - the wonderful audience, fellow acts and the incredibly kind and effective R4 team. Check out our TRANK Instagram account for more pictures and videos !

WhatsApp Image 2024-07-05 at 22.36.20.jpeg
JUL 02, 2024

"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changeezzzz", as Bowie once said. 

A lot has happened in our absence, since that infamous first album, "The Ropes" (don't have it yet ? Rock Hard France and Powerplay UK and Italy crowned us "album of the month", and you still haven't bought 12 copies each ? That's bad).

First, Julien, our friend and co-founding guitarist, has decided to leave - and refocus on other priorities outside music : we will miss his flamboyance as much as his sense of humour (we should probably put out some best-of compilation of his comedy moments, but he remains our friend, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

The change in question, decided months ago, has accelerated discussions already underway between us - about the evolution of TRANK and our desire for change, both in the studio and on stage, in terms of sound and line-up.
The desire to switch to two guitars for even greater sonic depth and power had been there for a while, and so two new members are now joining the ranks of (drum roll) TRANK mk3

Nicolas (silver tie) is a long-standing friend of Michel's : they are both members of the the salt-&-pepper musicians' club , but also, more importantly, they did share years of playing together as part of the Geneva-based cover band in which they both learnt their chops, in a previous life (their "almost-only-pepper" phase). A seasoned guitarist with a powerful, engaging style, somewhere between high-class hard rock and ass-kicking funk-metal, he brings a groove to the band's lead parts that's sure to be a hit on stage - and later in the studio.

Arnaud (all in black), recruited after much searching among the band's connections ("we want a guy who' won't be a wallflower and is at least as maniacal about the details as we are"), plays the bass with stunning technical virtuosity, but also tons of propulsive power; and his style adds a level of sophistication to our songs while staying true to their emotionally intense nature, and to the balance between light and dark that defines their atmosphere. Like Nico, but with his own style, he also shares our love for quality sound - and, much to his own chagrin, our deplorable sense of humor.


Last but not least, our very own David (the blue giant who won't fit on the sofa), until now officially our bass player - but clearly a multi-instrumentalist all the way, has passed the bass baton to Arnaud, and grabbed a guitar. A Slash fan since his teenage years, he has done a fantastic job of performing most of the guitar work on our forthcoming second album (more on that later), as well as on the cover of "Take Me Out"we have just released as an appetizer. And he continues to share the backing vocals, on stage, with Johann (the guy on the other armrest). 


Johann and Michel, a bit like the old-timers from The Muppets Show, remain in their respective roles on drums, backing vocals and dubious puns for the former; vocals, synths/programming (managed by Johann on stage) and chronic bad mood for the latter.

So, what can you expect ? To hear TRANK's identity gently evolve - our sonic universe, somewhere between heavy alternative rock and electronic-tinged post-punk, is still there, but with an even "bigger", groovier sound. After weeks of hard rehearsal work, TRANK version 2024 will make its live debut this Friday, July 5th at the Festival Rock R4. We hope to see many of you there, but even if there aren't as many of you as there are of us, without going so far as to lend you the sofa, we'll do everything we can to make sure you remember the evening, for all the right reasons. 

Welcome Arnaud & Nico, mazel tov to David in his new role, and see you all very soon on stage. 
(photo : Esther W. Pink)

JUL 01, 2024

And here it is : the first news from camp TRANK in ages, a cover of "Take me out" as originally created by Franz Ferdinand. The title means a lot to us : first, it's our parting gift to TRANK co-founder & lead guitarist Julien, who had come up with the idea of covering this personal favorite of his, and has since then decided to leave the band and focus on other, non-musical priorities in life (more on that in the post above). Second, we have been working very hard to complete our upcoming second album and are now at mixing stage - and we're getting cabin fever, as we can't wait for you to hear the new songs both in their studio form and on stage. Last but not least, we're all French, and there are things going on around us right now that do make us want to be somewhere else...

Says lead singer & programmer Michel, "we really wanted to bring the song into our universe, our sound, which typically feels much heavier and more intense than the original version of the song did (we DO love the original, but if you're going to record a cover, might as well make it your own). So we gave the lyrics a new meaning - about someone wanting to be taken out of their own mind, some fractured personality talking to the other sides of themselves and wanting to be reunited with them. "Take me out of my straightjacket", sort of. That gave the whole thing a much more intense, dramatic, cinematic feel, which is - hopefully - reflected in how we've changed the way it sounds. It's still got tons of energy and you'll want to dance to it - but it's darker as well, and that's how we like it. We hope you love listening to it as much as we did reinventing it !"

Directed by Alban Verneret for Dissension Productions - check out the YouTube credits for more info & details.


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