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Trank, rock, metal, band, indie, progressive, Geneva, French rock

Welcome to the sound of TRANK. A contagious, intense, raging brand of rough-as-rock introspection. Or, as they half-jokingly describe it, "like silicium : not metal, but hard enough."


TRANK want "to make you jump & think at the same time." 
Their music blends infectious, propulsive, angry energy, with a more seasoned lyrical look upon life and its trials than you'd expect from a band that sounds this powerful. Their songs might capture the sort of world-weariness, cynicism and empathy that only comes with living a little - before you song- write; but their sound brings those feelings to life with irresistible drive and cathartic flamboyance. A combination which very much defines their identity - between high-powered alt-rock, post-punk and modern metal.


TRANK are all French but write in English, a testimony to their lifelong love story with British and American acts, and influences too broad to list - from Deftones to Depeche Mode, Motörhead to Muse, Nick Drake to Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd to Porcupine Tree, REM to Rage. Like all these references, TRANK like to mine the darkest places in the human soul, pull out the worst of life's frustrations and anxieties, and turn them into moments of catharsis that they can share with people who recognize those  same feelings - be it by experience or anticipation.


Before all, TRANK are united by a lifelong passion for music. Johann (drums) has known Michel ("MJ", vocals and programming) for years, from working in the same office - plus hooking up over machine-gun-fire discussions about favorite albums, and their long but increasingly frustrating experience in semi-pro bands. Julien (lead guitar) was a passionately self-taught guitarist with growing desire for a professional experience, and struck instant friendship with Michel after a first rehearsal revealed a shared vision. David (rhythm guitar) already had studio and touring history, notably with Oyabun, before he joined the family - and before that, learnt his chops watching VHS tapes of Slash frame-by-frame as a teenager; and newest member Cristobal (bass) is a veteran of the Geneva area metal scene with alt-darlings Karvane. Music has been their "second life" for years - from their youngest age, growing up in different parts of France's "province." "People ask us - if you want to be in a band and make anything happen, shouldn't you be in Paris ? All of us landed jobs in Geneva and ended up enjoying life here (Haute-Savoie - next door to the Swiss border), including the local scene: there's a lot more of it than people think. It's not where you are - it's how far you want to go."

TRANK are a young band of experienced musicians - which is why they blend "seasoned" views on life with "angry" music, and have been chosen as opening act by major acts like Deep Purple, Anthrax, Papa Roach or Disturbed.  All four of TRANK's members have had stage and studio experience with a variety of projects & bands; but it was only when Julien met Michel that the joining of their sensitivities sparked into a full-time project. The group in its current, final incarnation only formed late 2016 : "we all feel like life has taken its time, for all the right reasons, to get us together where we are; but now we're firing on all cylinders."


TRANK are also lucky to be surrounded with incredibly talented friends who have helped them realize their vision. Yvan Barone, their engineer and co-producer, has built an enviable reputation in Switzerland as a go-to sound man, with extensive experience in places like Montreux. David Weber, who runs Geneva's "Studio des Forces Motrices", where many of the band's tracks were recorded with his invaluable help (and no less invaluable Neve analogue mixing console), has helmed a number of highly-praised French alt-rock recordings by a wide range of artists, from Treponem Pal to Mickey 3D. And American aces like Brian Robbins and Andy Van Dette have now joined the tribe.

On the visual front, the band's first photographer, Gabi Hirit, is a top-flight reference in his native Romania. The director of their first video, Jean Baptiste Andrea, has already co-written and directed three cult feature films, the darkly stylish humour of which is the perfect match for the band's lyrics and sound. And Alban Verneret, now firmly established as the band's visual director, is also a hyper-talented music video maker and fashion photographer. "That's a perk of having been around for a while : you end up with a lot of talented friends."


TRANK, after a series of singles in 2018 / 2019 which resulted in a series of high profile opening slots, have now landed on the European rock press radar : their first album, "The Ropes" in its deluxe "Monolith" Edition, was named"Album of the Month" in Rock Hard France and Italy as well as Powerplay UK in 2021. Its songs capture the band's unique blend of uplifting power & widescreen emotion, of layered sophistication and raw grit, of darkness & light; contrats and contradictions which define the sound of the band better than a "genre" would. "Of course it's "angry" music. But it's also music that's easy to get into, whether you're a metalhead or not. We want to be intense but accessible : after all, it's still entertainment."

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